So what exactly is our anti-drug coalition going to do?


Since education is key to prevention, the coalition can create programs and training for individuals and groups to address prevention tactics and support their sector. We can also engage the youth and empower them to address social problems or triggers that may lead to drug abuse. We will bring this community together and address any social issues or weaknesses and identify areas that need support of other sectors and the coalition as a whole.

In the months since the creation of Cumberland County Rising, monthly meetings have been attended by representatives, we hosted a community event entitled “Appalachian Dawn,” a film on how the community in a neighboring state was tackling the drug problem. Members have also been attending programs dealing with substance abuse, namely “Broken 2” and “The Brain and Addiction Codependency.”

We will also be hosting events in our community to spread the word and our mission to support our County in the task to decrease dependency and promote a drug free lifestyle.